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A Pastor's Pack

A Pastor's Pack

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The Pastor’s Pack is a resource consisting of 5 books that Dr. R. Larry. Moyer has put together to assist believers in making and presenting the Gospel clear and simple. Below is a brief description of each resource:

The Evangelism Study Bible 

Provides all the tools needed for sharing the gospel in a clear, simple, and guilt-free way. Using the highly regarded New King James Version, The Evangelism Study Bible brings together a wide variety of resources, some never before paired with the text of Scripture.

Show Me How To Illustrate Evangelistic Sermons

This is a resource that offers illustrations that powerfully connect ideas to experience. Veteran evangelistic speaker Dr. R. Larry Moyer knows that the right illustration is crucial in presenting the good news. He show pastors and speakers how to add impact to their evangelistic preaching with proven and time-tested principles. All pastors and speakers who want to challenge listeners with the gospel message can profit from this insightful resource.

Show Me How To Preach Evangelistic Sermons

The author and speaker Dr. R. Larry Moyer shows pastors and speakers how to communicate the good news. In twenty-seven helpful chapters, he explains why expository evangelistic preaching is so important, lists different ways to give an evangelistic message, and defines key terms such as sin, belief, and repentance. 

21 Things That God Never Said

God never said many of the things that we believe. In this practical book, Dr. Moyer dispels twenty-one common misconceptions Christians have about evangelism. With biblical principles and practical suggestions, he helps us learn to witness out of grace, not guilt.

A Mentor's Wisdom - Lessons I Learned from Haddon Robinson

After 45 years of evangelism ministry with EvanTell, Dr. Moyer reflects on the way that Dr. Robinson’s teaching has echoed down the years and stood the test of time. As a friend and a guide, Dr. Robinson supported and guided Larry in life, leadership, speaking, and evangelism. A Mentor’s Wisdom and the lessons it contains testify to the enduring influence of a pastor and teacher dedicated to training up the church to build the kingdom of God.

Dr. R. Larry Moyer is the founder and CEO of EvanTell, Inc., an evangelistic association in Dallas, Texas.

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