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A Christmas Gift That's Perfect (25 Pack)

A Christmas Gift That's Perfect (25 Pack)

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After years of receiving gifts that wear out or don't fit, have you ever hoped for the perfect Christmas gift? This tract explains how Jesus offers the perfect gift.


  • They're clear! - This is what people tell us time and time again - "Your tracts are so clear!" What they mean is, when people read these tracts, they understand the gospel!
  • Illustrations - The illustrations used in these gospel tracts help teach the point being made. Illustrations explain the meaning of the Bible verses in ways that non-Christians easily relate to.
  • High-quality presentation - When reading a tract, people like to feel like they are holding something solid in their hands. That is why our tracts are produced with high quality, thick paper with an attractive finish.
  • They're simple! - What people say most often about our tracts is that they are clear. What they normally say right after that is they are simple! We know evangelism can be challenging, so the tracts we produce are designed to make the gospel clear, and give you the confidence in sharing the Good News.

Pack of 25.

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